Lip gloss 2017? 

I have always hated lipgloss and never liked wearing it. I have big lips and sometimes I will feel self conscious about it. Whenever I wear lipgloss, it makes my lips even bigger than it already is or it seems that way to me. Just recently I decided to try it on and see if I liked it because a lot of people are going back to lipgloss. I’m a matte lip kind of girl and had always been so I didn’t know what to expect. Now that my makeup game have improved dramatically, I didn’t know what I would look like with the lip gloss. When I put that baby on my lips, y’all I was in loveeeee. It looked so effortlessly beautiful. I was stunning like an OG stunner 😂 I was singing “my lipgloss is popping ” the entire time. So yes lipgloss will be a look for me this year. It will be a mixture of matte and glossy. I haven’t given up on my matte, never that. But I honestly think lipgloss will be used a lot more by me this year than ever before. ​


Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation +Concealer Review 

I recently bought a new foundation from Clinique cosmetics and I was so excited to try it and tell y’all what I think. Well, yesterday I finally tried it on for you guys and I wanted to test out the durability and what it claims to do so I didn’t use a primer or setting spray because that might affect the outcome. I put it on and wore it for about 10 hours long. I did my makeup around 1pm and washed it out around 12am. I tried to take pictures especially with my snapchat camera since it has the time stamp on it and I didn’t retouch. I was impressed on how long it lasted before my T zone area started to get a little shiny. It stayed put for hours on a hot North Carolina summer weather. I went out, and I didn’t even feel the need to retouch. The foundation claimed for an all day durability and a natural matte finish. It was weightless and not super matte or drying. I will absolutely buy again when I run out. This is honestly one of the best foundation I have ever tried and the shade range is amazing especially for darker skin women. By the way I’m wearing the beyond perfecting foundation + concealer in clove. 

Who said Denim on Denim isn’t a thing?

Over the past few years, I’ve heard so many people say “Denim on Denim is so ugly”. I don’t know if they’re wearing it wrong or just have no styling experience but in my case I’m gonna have to disagree. Denim on denim can be so beautiful and classy if you style it with the right accessories and throw on the right shoes. You don’t even need to over do it. A little goes a long way. My advice would be to do the following and I promise you won’t go wrong with it.


Find a beautiful and elegant looking necklace (That makes a statement). Don’t over do it!!

Find a beautiful shoe, in all honesty any color of shoe would do as long as it’s not too bright.

Find a beautiful and body fitting jeans to go with your denim shirt.

You can go for earrings if you want, but don’t over do it.

You can add a leather jacket or dark/ tan colored vest or even calm it down with a sweater.

You can add a scarf if you think it looks right.



DO NOT add too bright colored accessories

DO NOT wear bright shoes or neon colored shoes

DO not over exaggerate everything.



So excited to be back!! Adorn Yourself!!

Sorry y’all but I have been super busy that I barely make time for anything anymore but I’m so excited to be back. I’m gonna just tell y’all about a friend of mine who sells jewelry like I already mentioned before. I will link her website  below if you want to make a purchase or anything. I will also keep y’all updated with pictures and alternative ways to order. But seriously though, her jewelries are beautiful and VERY affordable. I will post some pictures for y’all to see and get an idea of what I’m talking about. She sells jewelry for all ages, both young and old. You will love her catalog, you will have so much fun picking out what you want.

Her website is down below, just keep in mind that she has way more stuff than what are on her website. She just hasn’t updated it yet but when she does, I will keep you guys posted and let y’all know. Thank you for checking it out.

Want Longer Lasting Makeup??

Don’t we all just hate when our makeup gets really oily and shiny and you have to constantly reapply your powder to set it even though you have on a primer. Here is my own little tip to make your makeup last longer. sit back, relax and enjoy, I promise you’ll love it. Like I stated in my previous post that I apply “Milk of Magnesia” for my makeup to last all day.

Well here is the trick, before you put on anything on your face, first get your milk of magnesia, then shake before use and then get a cotton and get it soaked with Milk of magnesia,it can be any brand you want, they all work the same and make sure to get a plain one not flavored with anything. after that’s done you apply it on your face, preferably the shiniest spots on your face or you can rub it all over your face and don’t apply too much just a little and even it out on your face. After that is done, you just let it sit out for a little while and let it dry before applying any other product on your face.

When it dries, you can just quickly dust off excess and remove some of the flakes. When that’s done, you can just carry on with your daily makeup routine. Trust me when I say it works like magic. You’ll seriously see the difference because I did since my face is literally an oil refinery, like no joke. I love it and I have been using it ever since I tried it and they’re really affordable and lasts longer than primer will ever do and I hope you’ll love it too and find this post useful. Thank you for reading and checking this post out.


Beautiful Jewelries!!!!!

Ok guys so a friend of mine is selling jewelries for really great price and the jewelries are absolutely stunning. If you are interested in jewelries or want to buy jewelries or like anything in any of these pictures below and want to buy it, just let me know. Her website will be up soon and running, to make any orders easier and more convenient. I will keep you guys posted and let you guys know when it’s up!

Snapshot_20150711_15 Snapshot_20150711_14 Snapshot_20150711_16 Snapshot_20150711_17 Snapshot_20150711_19 Snapshot_20150711_12