New and radiant 


I went MIA, sorry

I decided to take some time off from blogging to work on myself and school and just grow as a person, but I’m back and better than ever. Ok so I just celebrated my birthday on January second and I couldn’t be any happier and prouder . I’m so proud of my achievements and where I’m at in life right now and hopefully it continues that way all year long

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation +Concealer Review 

I recently bought a new foundation from Clinique cosmetics and I was so excited to try it and tell y’all what I think. Well, yesterday I finally tried it on for you guys and I wanted to test out the durability and what it claims to do so I didn’t use a primer or setting spray because that might affect the outcome. I put it on and wore it for about 10 hours long. I did my makeup around 1pm and washed it out around 12am. I tried to take pictures especially with my snapchat camera since it has the time stamp on it and I didn’t retouch. I was impressed on how long it lasted before my T zone area started to get a little shiny. It stayed put for hours on a hot North Carolina summer weather. I went out, and I didn’t even feel the need to retouch. The foundation claimed for an all day durability and a natural matte finish. It was weightless and not super matte or drying. I will absolutely buy again when I run out. This is honestly one of the best foundation I have ever tried and the shade range is amazing especially for darker skin women. By the way I’m wearing the beyond perfecting foundation + concealer in clove. 

Clinique Foundation 

If y’all don’t already know, I’m a foundation addict. I just love buying foundation and trying them on even if I don’t need to buy them. I’ve always used Mary Kay foundation which I still use because it gives me full coverage, matte finish and it has a shade that is literally exactly my skin color which is hard for me because a lot of foundation that I like never have exactly my skin color. I either have to mix and match or find a different brand. Anyways that’s not the case, the case is that I decided to branch out and try something new and landed on Clinique since they’re doing their promotional price with the 7 piece gift so I just had to get me some of that. I bought the Clinique beyond perfecting foundation + Concealer in clove. It claims to give you a natural perfect look that feels weightless and breathable on your skin. It also claims to last all day and very rich in pigment and gives you a natural-matte finish. I’m gonna be trying it on for work tomorrow and I’ll try and take pictures as much as possible and give you guys a full review of what I think of it and whether it’s a do or a don’t. 

New Goodies

So I have been looking into liquid matte lipstick for the past month now and I finally found a brand that I thought might be great for me. I’m not into that whole Kylie lip kit hype just because I don’t like her 😂. I found this lipstick brand dose of color, they have a lot of color to choose from but I only bought 3 for now to try it out and tell y’all how I feel about it, whether you should even pay attention to it.  I bought it in color truffle, mood and kiss of fire. I’ll do swatches of how it looks on my lips and post it on here. So stay tuned cos I’m so excited to try it on.

I have a question!!

Ok so when I do my makeup so many people always ask me for tutorials and I always tell them later. I did this makeup look and literally everyone kept giving me compliments and asked me how I did that makeup. I’ve been thinking of making a tutorial on how to get this look, but idk if you guys would really watch it or be interested in it. Please let me know if you would like me to record it for you guys. Thank you so much for reading and for your opinions 😘💖 lol sorry for the low quality pictures 🙃. I’ll also be doing a Q&A video soon, so ask me any questions you would like for me to answer for you lovelies.