Lip gloss 2017? 

I have always hated lipgloss and never liked wearing it. I have big lips and sometimes I will feel self conscious about it. Whenever I wear lipgloss, it makes my lips even bigger than it already is or it seems that way to me. Just recently I decided to try it on and see if I liked it because a lot of people are going back to lipgloss. I’m a matte lip kind of girl and had always been so I didn’t know what to expect. Now that my makeup game have improved dramatically, I didn’t know what I would look like with the lip gloss. When I put that baby on my lips, y’all I was in loveeeee. It looked so effortlessly beautiful. I was stunning like an OG stunner 😂 I was singing “my lipgloss is popping ” the entire time. So yes lipgloss will be a look for me this year. It will be a mixture of matte and glossy. I haven’t given up on my matte, never that. But I honestly think lipgloss will be used a lot more by me this year than ever before. ​


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