Long Legs by Zain Saeed

Cease, Cows

Man, woman, man, woman
Woman fire, man water
Man, woman, man, woman
And sand.

This was the first “poem” ever recorded after we found our language once again. It took us almost six hundred years, six centuries to figure out we could do other things with words than use them to ask each other if it was safe to go outside.

Thousands of us began to wrestle with words and sentences at the same time. We found those that sounded alike and put them together and jumped around like madmen. We whooped and sacrificed more goats than we had to—we didn’t know why it made us so happy.

So we wrote down poems to amuse ourselves. We held gatherings to see who wrote the best sounding poem and the victor was lauded with praise. Their words were passed on from person to person till everyone in our little society had memorized them.

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