Okay, I know I am a year or so late into the Fenty hype but i can finally say that I have tried the famous Fenty beauty foundation. After anticipating and was a bit hesitant about trying it, I finally did and I have a lot of things to say. When I did try it for the first time, I did not try it all over my face. I tried it along side Huda beauty foundation with it being on one side and huda on the other side. Before you all attack me, I am not a Rihanna hater, I actually love her so much but for some reason I never felt the need to buy the fenty foundation. I cannot explain why I chose not to buy it, maybe because I was content with my foundation (Lancôme) but we all know there is no such thing as being content with one foundation.



First try:

Actually I lied because I previously stated that I tried Fenty beauty foundation for the first time alongside Huda, but that was not the case. I actually got a sample earlier this year in January and I tried it and it did not give me the wow factor that I was looking for because I would have bought it back then in January and maybe that was why it was not that memorable for me. I have an oily face practically all year but sometimes in the winter, my face tends to get dry so I would say the foundation was not as matte and drying thankfully. This is because when I wore Fenty, that was around my birthday celebration (Capricorn babe), my face was a bit dry because I had just gotten back from Nigeria and I did not have the best skin care routine back in Nigeria. So, I would say the foundation gave me a good moisture but that was really about all it did for me. It did not last through out my night of partying because it was supposed to be a matte foundation. I will add a video of me at the end of the night of celebrating, of how my makeup looked that night. I also set this foundation with the Kat Von D lock it  and Cover FX setting powder and a setting spray. I cannot remember the setting spray I used.



Second Try:

I have been looking for a holy grail foundation for the summer that will be so good to my oil skin  and does not cost too much. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Lancôme Teint  Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation but it is a little too pricey ($53 with tax) for my broke college self. So I decided to go and give Fenty beauty foundatiuon another try because a lot of people have spoken so highly of it and it is a bit cheaper. I went and bought it about 2 weeks ago and I also purchased Huda beauty just because I heard it was very full coverage and mattifying. I decided to compare both of them and put them to the test to see how well each will perform on a hot NC summer day. I would say, Fenty was not as full coverage as Huda but it is definitely buildable. I also forgot to mention that both of this foundations give you a bit more than the normal 30 ml  that other brands give. Fenty gives you 32 mL and Huda gives you 35 mL, so you are definitely getting more for your money. Huda is very full coverage, when I say full coverage, I mean FULL COVERAGE AF! One thing that I did notice about Huda was the smell, it has this very strong perfumey smell that I absolutely hate but Fenty does not. I put them on and finished my makeup and I forgot that I was doing a comparison, so I set both of them with the Huda beauty Resting Boss Face Waterproof Setting Spray which by the way is the freaking BOMB.com (review on that coming soon). After all was set and done, I head out to go eat with my family that came to see me and after about 6 hours, I noticed that I had not retouched my face on both sides at all. I was not sure if it was because they were both great foundations or the setting spray was really doing its thing. After 11 hours of wear, I would say they were both great and withstood the NC hot summer weather. I did notice after about the 7th hour of wear, Fenty did start to get a bit oily on my cheek area and my smile line was starting to show but Huda did not budge. Huda!! that girl did not come to play at all. (BY THE WAY, Huda is on my left and Fenty is on my right)



After about 7 hours of wear

Third Comparison and Try:

Sorry for making y’all read this really long review, but after the second try for some reason I was still not so sure because I was not sure if it was because they both were great foundation or because of the setting spray. I wanted this review to be as unbiased as possible, so I put them to a test one last time. I did everything I normally do when it comes to my makeup except setting it with my Huda spray. I used a regular shmegular Elf setting spray. After 4 hours of wear, I started notcing that that my Fenty side was starting to get oil on my cheeks and nose area but Huda was still not budging. Huda was showing no sign of fear or anything of such.  Not until like about 7 hours of me wearing them that I started noticing some oil on Huda’s side. It was not as bad as it was on Fenty’s side. It’s not like Fenty was just extremely oily but it was more noticable than Huda, and I had to retouch it a few times before Huda even started showing signs of oil. After a long 10-11 hours of total wear, the Fenty side was done and greased out because after a while, I just stopped touching it up. Huda was also a bit greasy but more manageable. Overall I would give Fenty  a 7 out of 10 and Huda a 9 out of 10 and here is why.




Huda (PROS):

Full Coverage for those who love full coverage

35 mL of foundation

Very much of a matte foundation

Lasts practically all day

Unmovable/ unshakable with the sister spray from Huda as well.


The scent/ smell. The smell is just too strong for me personally. Even when I was taking off the foundation, I noticed that I was still able to smell the perfumey scent on my makeup wipes.

more expensive than Fenty $40

Without care and if too much was used, it can look cakey due to it being so full coverage.

 Fenty (PROS):

Buildable to Full Coverage

32 mL of foundation

Lasts a long time with the right setting spray.

Oxidizes and looks more natural than Huda


Oxidizes, for some people this can be a cons because they just did not pick the right shade.

The fact that you have to use a specific kind of setting spray to make it last longer

Buildable (for those who likes full coverage), this means they’ll have to use a bit more to achieve the full coverage look.

Overall: I would say, Huda is IT for me but Fenty is still great but I will personally use it more for my everyday makeup. Huda will definitely be my go to foundation for a night out in the town or whenever I am going to be partying heavily. That girl will not disappoint you, well I know it has not disappointed me so far.

Thank you for hanging in there with me loves and hope this review was helpful ❤️



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Lip gloss 2017? 

I have always hated lipgloss and never liked wearing it. I have big lips and sometimes I will feel self conscious about it. Whenever I wear lipgloss, it makes my lips even bigger than it already is or it seems that way to me. Just recently I decided to try it on and see if I liked it because a lot of people are going back to lipgloss. I’m a matte lip kind of girl and had always been so I didn’t know what to expect. Now that my makeup game have improved dramatically, I didn’t know what I would look like with the lip gloss. When I put that baby on my lips, y’all I was in loveeeee. It looked so effortlessly beautiful. I was stunning like an OG stunner 😂 I was singing “my lipgloss is popping ” the entire time. So yes lipgloss will be a look for me this year. It will be a mixture of matte and glossy. I haven’t given up on my matte, never that. But I honestly think lipgloss will be used a lot more by me this year than ever before. ​


Guys I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted the video, I honestly don’t know how to make this video thing work. Can’t seem to find a good angle nor app to at least help me fix the angle issue or even make good edits. I don’t even know what to do,but as soon as I figure it out, I’ll honestly let y’all know. I’ll make sure to link it here for you guys. Thank you for your patience 😩😕

Holy grail!! Baby powder 

Omg!! I never knew what one can do with baby powder until just last week. Back in the days when I was like 6 or 7 years old, I used to use baby powder and put it all over my face and a coat of lip gloss and head on out to play thinking I was popping, like no one could touch my makeup game😂 girl was I wrong. After I finally realized what I looked like with baby powder, I ditched that junk and never touched it again for anything that has to do with my makeup. Just last week, I noticed baby powder in my mom’s room and I also was running out on my baking powder. I debated if I should actually use it and try it out, worst thing that could happen is me looking like my 7 year old self. If that happens, I’ll just sit my butt home and cancel all the plans I had for that day 😂😂. So when I finished applying my eyeshadow and my brows,it was time for my foundation. I applied my foundation (Mary Kay medium coverage and Clinique) and then I applied my concealer (LA girl) to contour my face. If I don’t bake my face, my face usually get so oily later in the day even if I set my face. Once I was done contouring my face I used my brush to even out the concealer a little bit and used one of those triangular sponges to apply the baby powder all over the concealed area because those are usually the oilest parts of my face. I left the baby powder on there for like 5 mins, typical baking time and then used a brush to brush it off and then go back with my foundation brush with no foundation to even it out a little bit more. I’m dark skin but if you’re lighter skin, I don’t think you have to do that. Once I was done with my makeup and highlighting……. girrrrrllll!!!! I was screaming and shouting and just shook at how good I looked. When I say, Never have I ever looked so good and like my face dry and no signs of oil, like I mean it. I went out all night that day and my face was still on fleek. When I came back, I was so tired that I fell asleep with my makeup on(So ashamed 🌚). Let me tell y’all, whenever I sleep or even a 2 hour nap with my makeup, my face goes crazy with oil. I slept for 6-7 hours and woke up to my face still looking like I just applied it. No signs of oil or any of that and it didn’t break me out because my face was already breaking out before I started using baby powder. I’m just gonna say that I have found my HOLY GRAILL makeup when and where I least expected it. Y’all try it out and let me know how you feel about it. Some of the pictures, I took screenshots so the time stamp can speak the real truth. All the pictures and the video was taken on the 20th of January and the picture that had the caption “I fell asleep with my makeup……” was taken on January 21st at 6 am and my makeup practically looked untouched.

Update on video! 

So on Thursday when I posted I was gonna film the tutorial for my makeup but I messed up big time, so I decided to refilm on Friday but for some reason, the video wasn’t turning out the way I wanted it. Whenever I try to record, the camera automatically flips my face and make everything look weird. I just want to know if there is any good app or editing website that can help fix that. If you know any or have any idea please let me know. I really want to start filming my makeup videos and share with you guys and the rest of the world. I have actually decided to stop being lazy and start doing what I really enjoy, makeup and blogging being one of them. Please if you have any helpful tools or hints, just let a sister know, it will be honestly be appreciated.

Exciting News

So today, I will try and film the tutorial for one of my eyeshadow look. I will be doing the red eyeshadow look, just because so many people have asked me to show them how I created it and also because it’s really easy. I will try and not mess up, so I don’t have to re-film. When it’s done uploading I’ll link it to my blog so you all can view it. So excited to finally do this. 

Which is your favorite look?

Ok guys, I wanna know which is your favorite look and I will do a complete full face tutorial of it. ​There are 3 different looks but I feel like they’re a bit boring and I don’t think y’all want 3 tutorials on them. So please comment below on your favorite looks and I will absolutely do a tutorial of it. Thank you for taking your time to read and comment 

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